5 Steps to Get Your Roses Ready for Fall

I have found that this one thing can help you start off the year with a disease free rose bed. Also, never place diseased rose leaves in your compost bin. They should be removed all together from your gardens space.

10 Interesting Facts About Dahlias That May Surprise You

We have collected 10 interesting facts about dahlias ranging from who is credited with their discovery to why you may not have ever seen a blue dahlia. These facts and more can be found in our post “10 Interesting Facts About Dahlias That May Surprise You.”


5 Best Plants for a Host or Hostess Gift

It's that time of year when our calendars are full of parties!  Deciding what to bring the host or hostess can be a bit overwhelming.  Well,  we have a list of 5 amazing plants that every host or hostess will love, green thumb or not.  And, all of these...

7 Ways to Use the 7ft. Garland from Trader Joes

This time of year fresh garland is a must in my house!  I try to sneak it into every room.  Wondering how you can find space for fresh garland in your home?  We are going to go over 7 ways to use the 7ft. garland from Trader Joes.  From traditional...

Gift Guide for the Gardener

From garden tools, to handmade artwork, to candles that smell good enough to eat, our gift guide for the gardener has you covered! With 8 different gift ideas ranging in price from $14.00-$60.00, we have a gift for every budget.  So sit back and grab a glass of whatever and get to crossing items off your list

Cucamelons 101: How to Grow & When to Harvest

Photo Credit Alexa Soto Is this the first time you have seen a Cucamelon?  Aren’t they just the cutest little things??!  Well, along with being cute, they are quite delicious.  Imagine a cucumber spritzed with lime…fresh!  They can...

Beginner Gardening Series: September Edition

Beginner Gardening Series: September Edition September is the month where you can look at your garden and take stock of what worked and what didn't, harvest the remaining produce growing in the garden (except for a few frost loving plants, will talk about...

Beginner Gardening Series: August Edition

August is such and exciting time in the garden!  Your garden is hopefully overflowing with goodness and rewarding you daily with fresh veggies to enjoy.  I understand that this is a "beginner" gardening series and some of you may not have this Garden of...

Your Simple Guide to Great Tomatoes

There is no wonder that nearly  93% of those that garden in America grow tomatoes: homegrown vine ripened tomatoes are the BEST!!!  A homegrown tomato and a little salt is the best way I like to enjoy a tomato, or...maybe in a Bloody Mary.  Either way,...