Gift Guide for the Mom who likes to Garden

From garden aprons with coutless pockets, to garden inspired carafes and everything in between, we have select 14 gifts, all uder $60, sure to please the Mom on your list who loves to garden. All descriptions are linked to the items page, to make the shopping experience that much easier and seemless for you.

Ultimate Gift Guide for the Gardener on Your List

We have found 12 gifts under $50 that will be sure to please. From the newest Garden to Table cookbook to a darling coffee mug to remind her how much you love her all year long, we’ve covered the bases and can’t wait to share them with you.


3 Simple Tips to Planting Garlic

So grab your favorite garlic variety from your local garden center or grocery store and start planting the cloves. It is an easy way to enjoy garden to table goodness and keep the vampires away. ????

5 Steps to Get Your Roses Ready for Fall

I have found that this one thing can help you start off the year with a disease free rose bed. Also, never place diseased rose leaves in your compost bin. They should be removed all together from your gardens space.

10 Interesting Facts About Dahlias That May Surprise You

We have collected 10 interesting facts about dahlias ranging from who is credited with their discovery to why you may not have ever seen a blue dahlia. These facts and more can be found in our post “10 Interesting Facts About Dahlias That May Surprise You.”

4 Easy Tips on How to Start Gardening

Begin with a container. Salad greens have tender root systems and will flourish in a raised container. Use a container made of natural materials such as untreated wood, steel, or clay. Be sure there is a drainage hole and that the container is at least 6 inches in height. The best news? Lettuce plants grow super fast and can be harvested over and over again. It really is the most wonderful way to begin gardening.

Gardening with Kids

Getting kids in the garden early in life has so many benefits for their immune systems and their mental health. This goes for adults too! Starting healthier lifestyle habits at a young age has proven to carry through life as the person grows. It’s so much easier to start something from the beginning than to try and change your ways years later.

How To Grow a “Spaghetti Sauce” Garden

A large part of our vegetable garden is planned for an abundant crop of tomatoes. The tomatoes in our garden are grown for the enjoyment of summer eating and snacking, but there’s also a much bigger plan.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Gardener Under $40

Do you have a Valentine on your list who likes to garden?  Just for you, we have put together a gift guide of 6 amazing items, all under $40!  All of these items can be shipped to you or directly to you valentine.  Enjoy these fun finds;  I am adding all...

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