5 Best Cheeses to Pair with Your Favorite Apples

We have been eating apples and cheese for days (not such bad thing, right?) in order to give you our favorite apple and cheese pairings.  We have listed some good ‘ole standbys; sharp cheddar and Gouda, but have you heard of Gjetost? If not, you are not alone. We were a little skeptical at first, but oh goodness, when paired with a granny smith or pink lady, it had us coming back for more!  So let us know what you think, is your favorite apple and cheese pairing on the list?
  1. Gouda Cheese.  With its nutty, buttery and somewhat caramelly flavor, Gouda pairs perfectly with sweet/tart apples.  Our favorites were the Braeburn, Pink Lady and Granny Smith varieties.
2. Kerrygold Irish Stout. With it’s nutty and stout flavor and the sharpness of cheddar, this cheese pairs perfectly with a mildly sweet apple. Our favorite apple pairing was the Fuji apple.
3. Blue Cheese. With its bite and tangy finish, Blue Cheese pairs perfectly with a sweet apple.  Our favorite pairing is the Golden Delicious and Jonagold.
4. Ski Queen Gjetost. It’s almost better to close your eyes and try out this cheese, as it’s brown color really makes you think you are eating caramel.  While Gjetost does have a bit of a caramelly flavor, the flavor of goat cheese is also present.  Gjetost pairs perfectly with a tart apple.  Our favorite pairing is the Granny Smith and Pink Lady.
5. Sharp Cheddar Cheese. As it’s name indicates, there is a sharp finish with this cheese.  Sharp Cheddar pairs perfectly with a sweet apple. Our favorite pairing is the Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp and Jonagold.